Label, Rename & Sort images in Bulk

A perfect tool when you want to structure a messy stash of campaign images, easily sort a solid folder structure for your personal images or label images to enhance a product feed.

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Sort images on all devices

Responsive works on both Desktops, Tablets and Mobiles. Sort your images when you're on the bus or at the office.

Structure easily Images, CSV and XML-files


Import images by adding image files or CSV/XML-import. The magic happends in your browser and not at a external server.

Export your sorted structure to ZIP or CSV


Structure and organize the images and export the new structure as a ZIP containg the folder-logic or as a CSV with selected columns.

Sort images into a clean folder structure

Sort in Folders

You can fast and easy export your images files sorted in folder based on the labels you assign, image dimension or ratio.

Customize image name based on dynamic variables

File Name

Customize the exported image file names based on different dynamic values, for example, width or height.

Create a structure CSV output based on your images URLs

Custom CSV

Customize the CSV output by selecting specific column headers based on the imported CSV and system generated columns.

Upload, Label, Organize and Structure images in a more effective way.

  • Upload or
    Paste Images
  • Select &
    Label Images
  • Finalize
    the Result!

Add images – Using multiple sources.

With you're able to add local images, paste Image URLs along with other information from Google Sheet or Excel and upload Image URLs as a CSV.

Best thing is that everything is processed in your browser and no images gets saved at or at an external server.

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